Physical Therapy Programs and Goals

  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation (All orthopedic post-operative conditions can be rehabilitated)
  • Acute Injury Rehabilitation
  • Chronic / Overuse Injury Rehabilitation (Recurring injuries/pain or conditions; Second opinion evaluation and exercises prescription)
  • Transitional Rehabilitation (From physical therapy to performance training to return to competition and /or work)


During your rehabilitation time, we will not only focus on your current injury, but additional needs can also be addressed:

  • Full body biomechanical evaluation to identify contributing factors to the injury, as well as preventative training to reduce risk of potential injury in other areas.
  • Total body strength, flexibility, and core development respecting any precautions and contraindications you may have due to your injury.
Physical Therapy Goals
  • Decreased time lost due to the injury
  • Improved performance upon your return to work or sport
  • Implementation of long-term solutions to reduce the incidence of future injuries.