Sports Physical Therapy at Orthopedic Edge Physical Therapy

Most PT clinics boast some sort of “Return to Sport” program.  However, most rehabilitation protocols and treatment plans do NOT fully address all the functional limitations an athlete can experience while trying to return to sport.  Not all physical therapy is equal, and not all physical therapists are equal.  When rehabilitating and injury at Orthopedic Edge Physical Therapy, an athlete can trust that their program will be individualized to their specific needs and our goal for them is to return to sport stronger, and more educated regarding injuries, than they were prior to injury.

Mike and Erick understand every aspect of an athlete.  They understand how athletes move and react.  They know how to evaluate, recognize and assess biomechanical and physical weaknesses that inhibit good athletes from becoming great.  Mike and Erick emphasize prevention and wellness in the field of athletics.  We have the skill set and knowledge base necessary to manage any type of sports related injury.  We also have the skill set and knowledge base to improve your speed, agility and endurance while providing individualized attention focusing on position/activity specific requirements and individual needs.  Mike and Erick can customize performance training programs based on the specific demands of whatever sport an athlete plays.

Mike was previously employed by The Training Room in Troy, MI and had the opportunity to work very closely with John Wharton, head athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coordinator for the Detroit Red Wings (2001-2004).  While at The Training Room, Mike was able to customize off-season and physical therapy programs for professional hockey players, professional football players, Olympic and world-class figure skaters, Division 1 soccer players, gymnasts as well as collegiate and high school athletes from all sports.

Erick has had remarkable success for ten years working with Division 1 athletes and high school athletes from all sports and has nurtured many relationships with the areas top sports medicine docs because of his superior outcomes with athletes.  Erick has coached at area basketball camps and because of his unique understanding of muscle function and joint mechanics, he is able to push his athletes to higher performance without putting them at risk for injury.

Our results at Orthopedic Edge Physical Therapy are unparalleled.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations!