What is OMPT?

Within the field of physical therapy; several specialties are based on manual manipulative techniques.  Only one of these specialties, Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT),is a certified therapy recognized by the American Medical Association.   Orthopedic Manual Physical
Therapy is a post-graduate/advanced certificate program for physical therapists through Oakland University designed to develop specialized manual therapy skills.  OMPT training involves a minimum of two years of postgraduate education and over 2000 hours of clinical residency training and theory.  Residency programs in physical therapy are based on the same educational model that has long been used in the education of Medical Doctors.  Mike and Erick have received advanced theoretical and clinical training emphasizing differential diagnosis and manual therapy procedures.

OMPT takes a different approach to patient problems from that of traditional PT.  A traditional physical therapist focuses on treating a symptom.  Often, this works fine, but some problems do not respond to traditional treatment because the symptoms is caused by a problem located elsewhere (referred pain).  Research shows that physical conditions not resolved with traditional physical therapy often respond to OMPT treatment.  Mike and Erick have previously taken Guest Lecturer roles and served as clinical instructors in the OMPT program at Oakland University.  These courses involve evaluation and treatment techniques for the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spines and SI joint.

We are able to treat the current symptoms associated with the diagnosis but also address biomechanical deficiencies at play to help further avoid injury with future activity because we spend time properly diagnosing the dysfunction a patient presents with.  High-level manual therapy seamlessly integrated with appropriate therapeutic exercise training that is the focus at Orthopedic Edge Physical Therapy.